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About Shawn Energy

Over 200 years ago when the likes of Benjamin Franklyn, Thomas Edison and Michael Faraday were working on electric power, it’s impossible that they will imagine that two centuries and half later, more than a fifth of the world still sleep in darkness clearly reducing the expected impact of their legacies. 

Nations need electricity and energy for lighting up homes, industrial power, economic development, healthcare, communications and many more yet 1.2 billion people in the world simply do not have access to electricity according to World Energy Outlook. A staggering further 2.7 billion people with 800million in India alone require biomass for cooking which is harmful indoor pollution.  

These numbers are frightening yet no one talks about them and the issue of aces to efficient energy supply seems to be set to go on or maybe another 100 years except something unprecedented is done.

Shawn Energy is a global energy company with focus on electricity and gas distribution for both domestic and industrial use. We employ the use of the most of to date technology to transform the energy needs of the worlds’ most disadvantaged communities being guided by empathy and driven first by compassion before profits as mandated by our parent company, Development Channel.